EU Cookie law compliance – implied consent

On the 24th May, the ICO (The UK’s information commissioner) updated its guidance to website owners regarding compliance with the new EU Cookie Law.

The interesting change is the wording on implied consent. And that certains acts, such as visiting your website may imply consent.

Up until now, the general interpretation was that prior consent was required before laying down any cookies, and it that was to be enforced, the only realy solutions would be a pop-up or a total block, until consent is given (or declined).

However, this has opened up the channel to say to some extent, if you visit my website and you have cookies enabled then you consented to my cookies, which of course are explained in my highly visible privacy policy, and if you don’t consent, turn them off in your browser or leave the site.

EU Cookie Law, Implied consent

I have constructed a goalscape  (an extremely useful tool for documenting and understanding strategies, as well as tools original purpose to manage goals and goal based projects) based on the ICO guidance notes.   You can take a look at the dynamic version here, with the relevant notes, you should find it very interesting.

If you already have a goalscape licence or signed up to the free trial of either the ‘cloud’ based connect or the desktop tool you can download and edit this goalscape here.

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