The Benefits Of Using Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing is a wonderful bit of technology that is changing the way that we use computers throughout the world, and it’s particularly of benefit to businesses.

Moving to the cloud removes the need to install software on every computer in your business network. It also allows more home based working. The way that cloud computing works is that it allows your employees to log in to an internet based service that hosts and gives them access to all of the programs, software and files that they need to work with. Employees can check emails, use word processors and save files to central folders and can even use complicated programs essential to their jobs.

You can clearly see the benefits of using a deploying a cloud solution here – the main one being a saving on business expenses. This is because you no longer need to purchase large amounts of hardware and software at the user end. The cloud computing provider or host does the hard work for you and you pay for their services. Businesses save on license costs, multiple copies of software and so on. Just one simple, easy to use system. Your hardware costs may well go down too because you can have more staff working remotely from their own computer.

If you use a good cloud computing provider with the right middleware, cloud computing solutions can allow you to run all of the programs that you would normally run on a desktop or laptop. So why rely on a third party system to run your computer systems?

1.) You are able to access data and programs from anywhere with an internet connection whenever you want to. So even if someone is on a business trip to China, they can still login to access files and emails.

2.) It reduces the cost of hardware, software and licensing. You also don’t have to buy expensive hardware that has a high spec because the cloud computing provider will look after that side of things for you

3.) Cloud computing allows your entire company access to the programs and software that are essential to the running of the business

4.) You don’t have to worry about the storage space available for your data and software, reducing costs on hardware and maintenance

In summary, cloud computing is essential for the modern business and it really can help to boost your profits by reducing your business expenditure through savings on hardware and the most expensive cost, staff.

Jon Smith is an EMEA e-Marketing Specialist for Insight Cloud







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