who is anticrawler.org

Who is anticrawler.org and is it safe

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I noticed I got referred from anticrawler.org on  my Piwik analytics.

Obviously suspicions were immediately raised, but required some further investigation.

The site, anticrawler.org  just has a simple request for you to add some javascript to your website.

See screen shot of anticrawler.org

who is anticrawler.org


There is no further information, so trust level has to be zero.

So I looked up their domain, and not surprisingly the identity is hidden.

anticrawler.org is a scam


They want you to run a program that is totally hidden ( anticrawler.php runs server side) so you have no idea what it is really doing, so adding this code could do anything.

I would guess it is actually going to ping lots of bad bots to start attacking your site or giving you fake traffic or serving you ads or something not good.

My advice is not to add this code, unless you are an expert and really going to investigate and monitor the impact and what happens, in which case, please leave mea comment and let me know.

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