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Well Genesis is the best theme framework & WooCommerce the best ecommerce platform but out of the box they don’t play nicely.

By combining some bits of code that are around, the bulk of which came from AlphaBlossom / Tony Eppright  here,

I put togther with a Studio Press theme to make the following shop: to give you an idea, of course there is a little bit of css needed too to get it tidy.

Whilst it is simple enough for a Genesis developer to add the Alpha Blossom code to the functions.php, I have wrapped the code into a plugin structure which will enable less techies to add the code without stress.  That said, you’ll still need to tweak a fair bit of CSS.

Download the plugin version -> genesismerce







2 responses to “Genesis WooCommerce”

  1. Wendy avatar

    I downloaded it. Unfortunately I’m not in a place with a website far enough along to test it out as I’m just getting started with Genesis, but at least wanted you to know someone had grabbed it. 🙂 Looks like definite useful potential if there’s not out of the box support between WooCommerce and Genesis.

    1. Boss avatar

      Thank you for letting me know. I hope you enjoy your Genesis experience. Let me know how you get on. Alan

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