Author: Alan

  • Delete Orphaned Post Meta from WP

    Sometimes you will want to tidy the database, maybe from a development issue. Removing orphaned post meta is simple in SQL There are several posts about deleting Orphaned Post Meta Data in WordPress, some are dangerous, some are wrong, some have syntax errors. This works

  • Become a good Frontend Developer.

    Copied from Mauro Bono’s tweet Tips I wish someone gave me on my coding journey to learn coding and become a good Frontend Developer. A thread ⬇️ — Mauro Bono | Web Developer (@UpTheIrons1978) August 10, 2022 Tips I wish someone gave me on my coding journey to learn coding and become a good Frontend […]

  • Short notes on K6 load test

    Load test a form Install K6Install influxdb Install grafana Set up script e.g Start services Run test Watch in graphana, user admin, pass admin Shut services

  • DezRez XML import into WordPress

    I am about to embark on some custom work on a DezRez XML import into WordPress, and want to gauge if there is any interest in this as a plugin, please use the comments to express issues and thoughts. My plan is, rather like my Rightmove XML converter, is to let WP All Import ( […]

  • WordPress Plugin install fails with Forbidden, you don’t have permission to wp-admin/update.php on your server

    This issue is fairly common on servers that are running Apache with mod_sec  ( mod security ). Mod security is a complex system that looks at the sort of web traffic ‘bay guys’ use to hack servers and stops them. In this case it is thinking that your actions are suspicious and blocks them.  This […]

  • Problem with WordPress 4.8 screwing up your website layout?

    WordPress 4.8  has just been released, and many web designers have reported that their layout have been mucked up with this release. *** UPDATE *** Since writing this blog post I have written a plugin – – that solves this problem in a very neat way. *** There could be multiple reasons for this, but […]