Category: Linux

  • How to upload a mysql database from a sql.gz file

    How to upload a database from a database.sql.gz file.  For instance c-panel databse backup can create this file and you might want to use it up upload to a test system or when moving server zcat  database.sql.gz | mysql -u username -p -h localhost databasename password: Executing this command line in the shell on your […]

  • Cloning a website

    To create a static copy of all website pages, for some reason that may be necessary, in linux   wget –mirror -w 2  

  • Extracting data from tar.gz

    cpanel creates backups in tar.gz format, sometimes you want to recover a single file  from the tar gz file. If on linux you can extract everything into a spare directory and work from there using the following command suitably edited tar -zxvf mybackup.tar.gz -C /home/myrecovery   If you need to see what is in the […]