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  • Hugo: I’m receiving the message “We were unable to load Disqus.”

    When building a Hugo site you may well get  the message “I’m receiving the message “We were unable to load Disqus.” ” It took me a while to trouble shoot on mine. Basically Hugo them developers have a habit of setting the baseurl in the config.toml as “/” Your site will seem to work – […]

  • Build and host a static website with Hugo and Google Cloud Storage

    WordPress is overkill for 90% of small business websites, especially if they are only every going to ask the web developer to make changes.  Static websites used to be just that, static, but now it is possible to create static websites that are simple (relatively) to update dynamically.   Hugo is a Golang project that […]

  • Who is and is it safe

    who is

    I noticed I got referred from on  my Piwik analytics. Obviously suspicions were immediately raised, but required some further investigation. The site,  just has a simple request for you to add some javascript to your website. See screen shot of   There is no further information, so trust level has to be […]

  • Is AOL e-mail unreliable

    I keep getting or when e-mailing I have done some research and it seems that aol e-mail has been pretty shakey in the past, but I am concerned it might be something to do with my server set-up. But looking at forums, it seems this might be a pretty common issue that just appears […]

  • GoDaddy service fails millions of websites.

    Today, Monday 10th Sepetember, Godday has crashed.   TheMain site is accessible but technical problems means that millions of sites have been offline. Even sites that are not hosted on godaddy have been impacted, as any forwarding of sites via DNS A records seem to be impacted too. In the case of ‘badlywired’, even […]