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  • error (unexpected RCODE REFUSED) resolving – BIND / Centos / Webmin

    Whilst investing this error I found You’d definitely want to limit recursive queries to your local server, and not allow it for any user on the internet. That’s done with the “allow-recursion” directive, or there’s also an edit box in Webmin’s BIND module for it. So you should set “Do fully recursive lookups” to “Default” […]

  • Setting up Varnish with Virtualmin – Centos in 5 steps

    I have just finished setting up Varnish on my test server that uses Webmin/Virtualmin, with Apache on Centos. It has been a little bit of a voyage of discovery but I think I have cracked it. Much of what I have here is based on many other blogs and forums. In essence once you know […]