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  • 5 Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid

    WordPress is a powerful and user-friendly content management system, but even the best platform has its quirks and pitfalls. As you navigate the world of #WordPress, it’s important to be aware of these common mistakes so you can avoid them and get the most out of your website. By avoiding these common WordPress mistakes, you […]

  • 10 Reasons Why WordPress is the Best Platform for Your Website

    WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world, powering over 60% of all websites that use a CMS. It’s no surprise, then, that the Twitter hashtag #WordPress is full of users sharing their experiences, tips, and tricks for using the platform. But what makes WordPress the best choice for building and […]

  • What is the WordPress REST-API?

    The WordPress REST API is a powerful tool that allows developers to build custom applications and integrations using WordPress as a backend. It provides a simple, standardized way to interact with WordPress data and functionality, making it possible to build a wide range of applications and integrations that go beyond the capabilities of WordPress itself. […]

  • Fake PayPal Money Payment requests

    Right now a very annoying tactic by scammer is to issue a Payment Request for something you haven’t purchased. Some just hope you will see the payment request and by pot luck it will be something you are in the process of buying, like an iPhone and make a payment. They can also include a […]

  • Testing PHP 8.1 on WP 6.1.x

    Right now, despite PHP 8.1 is only one release up from the lowest supported version PHP WP Core ( at 6.1.x and 6.2 alpha ) has deprecation notices. Although deprecation notices are not an issue, unless you are actively developing, like I do with my plugins. I like to have WP Debug on and displaying […]

  • Delete Orphaned Post Meta from WP

    Sometimes you will want to tidy the database, maybe from a development issue. Removing orphaned post meta is simple in SQL There are several posts about deleting Orphaned Post Meta Data in WordPress, some are dangerous, some are wrong, some have syntax errors. This works