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  • My Skype Account got Hacked

    And Skype’s customer support was useless. Last night I noticed a subscription to a Skype package that I did not make. It was pretty obvious, as the e-mail came through in Chinese and I am in the UK.  On checking my Skype account I could see a monthly subscription had been made, using my Skype Credit , […]

  • Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu – CSS fix for WordPress 3.2.2

    Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu plugin for wordpress is a great plugin which give you a top menu version for admin navigation. See However whilst implementing in WordPress 3.2.2  I found an issue with the ability to hide the original wordpress top menu. A fetaure that was previously working. I worked out these CSS changes […]

  • How to Do a Background Check on Twitter

    You might think that using Twitter to do a background check is a bit far-fetched, but it is actually a great new option for businesses looking to find valuable information on potential employees. Since Twitter is a social network, it is not uncommon for users to display information on their profiles that can tell an […]

  • Is Internet Explorer in terminal decline and losing its grip on the Browser Market?

    It has been a few years since IE was the only browser anyone really used. It used to be the dominant browser by far. However, last night on TV, Microsoft were advertising the virtues of IE 9. So, when I see an established company advertising an established product on TV, it gets me wondering why.  Clearly, Microsoft […]

  • Replacing all occurrences of a string in Linux

    Every now and then, I have a reason to replace all occurrences of a certain string in every file in all sub-directories. Geneerally this is for scripts that will run on a Linux server, and finding a program to do this on windows seems hard!. Now its possible on Linix using a combination of Find  and Sed, […]

  • Adding Breadcrumbs to WordPress

    I came across a very useful bit of code for adding breadcrumbs to WordPress without a plugin at There was a small bug in the code where is search returnd anything but a standard post (e.g. a page or custom post type) the search breadcrumb didn’t work.  The code below is the modification to correct […]