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  • Increase in hacked GoDaddy WordPress websites

    It has been reported that there has been a massive increase in hacked websites on GoDaddy’s manged WordPress platform. If your site is hosted on GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress platform, including MediaTemple, tsoHost, 123Reg, Domain Factory, Heart Internet, and Host Europe Managed WordPress sites, you may have been subjected to a backdoor attack. Exactly how this […]

  • Calendar Wiz WordPress Plugin

    Currently I can’t find a specific WordPress plugin for Calendar Wiz. Calendar Wiz is a paid for premium calendar service. I bit like Google Calendar on steroids, as it allows you lots and lots of customisation. I’m not 100% sure how popular Calendar Wiz is. It does offer Website integration plugins. But these are not […]

  • How to remove WP Bakery from WooCommerce shop page

    Problem with jQuery date picker and The7 theme The issue The problem was a date picker ( jquery ui datepicker ) provided by a small add on plugin was not operating correctly on a WooCommerce shop page withing a theme that has baked in WP Bakery ( The7 theme ). The investigation The obvious place […]

  • Securing Gravity Forms Uploads

    By default, Gravity Forms uploads files into the uploads folder, so by definition, these are readable by anyone. The file names are obscure, but that isn’t good enough if you are uploading personal information like proof of address. One solution is to create a ‘safe’ protected by authorisation (e.g. basic auth over SSL ), so […]

  • Hide a Google Form in a WordPress page until a box is ticked

    This is an example of an embedded Google Form that is revealed only on ticking a box If you agree to this, tick the box and a form appears :  Loading… This is how it is done: First get your ’embed code’  from your Google Form  ( Form – Send – <> Embed HTML ) […]

  • Linking WooCommerce to a Spreadsheet using Google Sheets and the REST API

    IMPORTANT NOTE As of 22 Oct 2019 – this script seems to be in an infinite loop – so use this as a coding concept ONLY. I will debug it in due course, and update – BUT if you spot the issue first please do leave me a comment below with your solution. Following on […]