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  • Stopping Genesis Full menu loading momentarily before the responsive menu

    Many, if not all of StudioPress’s older themes flash up the full menu for a glimpse before the responsive hamburger comes in. This doesn’t look great but is easy to fix in 2 steps. First, tweak the CSS so that the start of the responsive section reads body.js .genesis-nav-menu { display: none; } the responsive […]

  • Problem with WordPress 4.8 screwing up your website layout?

    WordPress 4.8  has just been released, and many web designers have reported that their layout have been mucked up with this release. *** UPDATE *** Since writing this blog post I have written a plugin – – that solves this problem in a very neat way. *** There could be multiple reasons for this, but […]

  • Genesis Adding a Read More Button to Excerpts on Archives

    With Genesis when you select archives to display excerpts, you don’t get a read more link or button, just some dots. Although you can click on the title, this isn’t intuitive or user friendly. The following code snippet can handle this add_filter( ‘the_excerpt’, ‘bw_excerpt_read_more_link’ ); function bw_excerpt_read_more_link( $output ) { if( ‘post’ === get_post_type() ) […]

  • Conditionally display Genesis Social Share, e.g. not on a specific category

    The Genesis Social Share plugin is one of the must have plugins for Genesis sites. See I wanted to display these icons (just like the ones on this post) except on posts in a specific category.  I had to read the plugin code to work this out. Fortunately the code is an example of beautifully […]

  • Conditionally remove header widget from Genesis

    Genesis comes with a header widget area built in. Occasionally you may want to remove this for specific pages. The following code snippet in functions.php will do the trick add_action( ‘genesis_meta’, ‘my_remove_hr’); function my_remove_hr() { if ( is_page( ‘privacy-cookies’ ) ) { unregister_sidebar( ‘header-right’ ); } } The if statement will need to be adjusted […]

  • Allow html in user description

    The WordPress user bio only allows a very restricted set html. Occasionally, it is desirable to be able to format the WordPress user bio with additional html.  Out of the box that is not possible. However to allow additional html in the WordPress user bio, like I have with some <p> and <br> to break […]