Category: Services

  • Hosting a Static Site on Amazon web Services

    Really need to use Route 53 DNS so make this a bit different.

  • Build and host a static website with Hugo and Google Cloud Storage

    WordPress is overkill for 90% of small business websites, especially if they are only every going to ask the web developer to make changes.  Static websites used to be just that, static, but now it is possible to create static websites that are simple (relatively) to update dynamically.   Hugo is a Golang project that […]

  • Cheaper alternative to PayPal UK

    If you are using PayPal in the UK for business to business transactions then you really should take a look at GoCardless.  With no monthly fees or minimums, and transaction fees of just 1% capped at £2 that is some 2% plus saving over PayPal, especially for larger payments. GoCardless works brilliantly for business to business payments and […]

  • GoCardless discount code

    Gocardless may be offering a sign up deal so just follow this link to see what is on offer, but right now as far as I know there are no discount code that is public. If your looking for a GoCardless promotion code or discount code – they used to offer a sign up credit against […]