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  • 14 places to get Free Stock Images for Websites

    Sourcing images for websites is a tricky and time consuming businesses. The worse thing you can do is go to Google, find and image you like and download it and upload it to your website.  It is not rare that the copyright owner will find you and request payment for the use you ‘stole’ from […]

  • Coding jQuery safely in WordPress

    I keep forgetting the syntax so this is just to remind me. In WordPress you want to ensure you don’t get conflicts with jQuery so there is a safe way to code it jQuery(function( $ ) { // Your code using failsafe $ alias here… }); And if you want it when the DOM is […]

  • Moving where Gravity Forms stores uploads

    To migrate where Gravity Forms stores uploads, first you need to add a filter to your functions.php I needed to do this as a wanted a secure place and the default location was giving me problems. Create a directory of your server that is visible from the web, and secure it with .htaccess appropriately e.g. […]

  • How to remove an ip from fail2ban

    If fail2ban locks out an IP address that you want to re enable First find out what fail2ban jail the ip is in by using the command [code]iptables -L[/code] and [code]iptables -D fail2ban-JAILNAME -s -j DROP[/code] Where JAILNAME is something like SSH and the IP address is

  • Adding Hyperlinks to WordPress Pages & Posts

    This video shows you how to add hyperlinks to WordPress Pages & Posts. I am often asked, ‘can I add a link’ to my WordPress website. And the answer is it is very easy. It is simply a matter of highlighting the text, clicking on the  link icon on the editor bar and putting your […]

  • GoDaddy service fails millions of websites.

    Today, Monday 10th Sepetember, Godday has crashed.   TheMain site is accessible but technical problems means that millions of sites have been offline. Even sites that are not hosted on godaddy have been impacted, as any forwarding of sites via DNS A records seem to be impacted too. In the case of ‘badlywired’, even […]