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  • no valid signature found: BIND DNS log error CENTOS

    Getting validating @0x7f42bc0b1220: domainame A: no valid signature found: 1 Time(s)  in my bind logs Apparently this is due to a config issue in /etc/named.conf change this line dnssec-validation yes; to auto dnssec-validation auto; and restart source of solution https://jackson-brain.com/bind-configuration-and-dnssec-validating-no-signature-found/

  • error (unexpected RCODE REFUSED) resolving – BIND / Centos / Webmin

    Whilst investing this error I found You’d definitely want to limit recursive queries to your local server, and not allow it for any user on the internet. That’s done with the “allow-recursion” directive, or there’s also an edit box in Webmin’s BIND module for it. So you should set “Do fully recursive lookups” to “Default”…

  • error (network unreachable) resolving – BIND issues on Webmin / Centos

    I was getting error (network unreachable) resolving messages in my bind log. After investigation this appears to be due to IPv6 addresses. Do you use IPv6 on your server? If not, you can instruct BIND to only use IPv4 by adding the option “-4″ to its startup parameters. My server is CENTOS based and I…