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  • Conditionally remove header widget from Genesis

    Genesis comes with a header widget area built in. Occasionally you may want to remove this for specific pages. The following code snippet in functions.php will do the trick add_action( ‘genesis_meta’, ‘my_remove_hr’); function my_remove_hr() { if ( is_page( ‘privacy-cookies’ ) ) { unregister_sidebar( ‘header-right’ ); } } The if statement will need to be adjusted […]

  • Creating a custom page template in Genesis with featured image and parent page title

    This template is designed to be used for sub pages of ¬†parent pages in WordPress, using Genesis framework. The concept being to have a splash title of the parent page’s title ¬† followed with a featured image with the actual page title. Step 1 Create a Genesis page template <?php /** * This file adds […]

  • Genesis Hooks

    Genesis WordPress framework is an interesting proposition. I would say that it isn’t designed for the faint hearted or non technical theme option tweakers, it is designed to work with the fundamental way WordPress integrates code, using hooks, both action hooks and filter hooks. If you are not familiar with the way WordPress uses these, […]

  • Turn off Genesis theme SEO feature

    Genesis framework comes with an in-built SEO feature. This is great, unless you don’t want it and want to turn it off to use another plugin The creators of Genesis have thought of this and have set it up to automatically switch off when another popular SEO plugin is installed. However, what if the plugin […]