How Google Sees Some Flash Websites

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The following illustrates why flash sites are not exactly great when it come to Google & SEO.

You can see that this site has only has one page indexed  (to check how many pages are indexed on your domain type into Google), despite many flash pages.

You can also see that Google’s bot was presented with in effect an error message (in this case I believe from Wix) – hey you bot you can’t read flash so go away!

There are things that you can do to optimise a flash site for Google, but that is mainly creating a duplicate html site (instead of the ‘you can’t read flash’ screen presented here) for robots and browsers that can’t read flash.

But as nearly everything can be done now with html / css and javascript this seems to be a bit of duplicated effort.

What are your thoughts on flash only websites or website that contain a lot of flash?






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