Strange GMAIL problem with IMAP on Thunderbird

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Recently I got a strange issue using Thunderbird and a gmail IMAP mail account.

It kept telling me I had an invalid password.  I tried everything, and checked by logging in to gmail via a browsers and it all worked fine via browser.

Was this a gmail server issue? I don’t think so. So I did some research and found that devices can get locked out of gmail.

I was on a laptop,  but I found articles about iPhone’s being locked out  (see: ) so I thought that perhaps that as part of gmail security other devices can get locked out from imap.

By opening gmail in a browser I went to the url suggested and the app ran (without asking for a code, and like magic Thunderbird was working with gmail imap again.

Now I can’t be 100% certain that this was not a coincidence, so if this works for you please do leave me a comment.






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