Use OpenAI ChatGPT to generate Descriptions for WooCommerce

This morning I got distracted by a tweet where someone mentioned perhaps someone’ is building an AI descriptions plugin for WooCommerce.

So I thought well it’ll only take an hour and so I built one.

It actually took a bit longer because I’m not a WooCommerce developer so I needed to find out where the right hooks were.

Anyway I created it. It is called AI Descriptions for WooCommerce. It is not commercially available at the moment ( and may never be).

I created some simple settings , you put your open API key in and save that.

Go to the products for WooCommerce and add a new product.

If there is no description then OpenAI will create one. Actually I set it to create two alternative.

I put in a title for some decaffeinated coffee beans I bought recently and let’s see what OpenAI actually comes up with in terms of a description or two.

I know as a developer I shouldn’t be buying decaffeinated coffee beans but that’s for my wife who doesn’t need to code

Woo doing its stuff and we scroll down we get some nice descriptions here: Cafe Prima decaffeinated coffee beans delicious smooth blend of Etc….

I set it up so there’s an alternative so if you don’t like that you can just delete it as there is a different set of wording underneath.

All took a few second. Stops your writer’s block and there you go.

Just a little bit about the code. There’s not a lot to it really is just hooks into into the WooCommerce ‘save’. Makes a call to OpenAI with a prompt saying ;write a long product description based on this product name’, sets max tokens, temperature, decodes it, saves it and that’s really the job done.


Now available as a FREE plugin on WordPress






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