Category: SEO

  • Can you trust facebook?

    Well there is one thing you can trust facebook to do, that is protect their interests. We have a site called   which is pretty basic, and we created a facebook user name   Amazingly facebook, with their launch of Appcenter, failed to grab the international spelling of appcentre. So initially, we were getting dozens […]

  • Number one in Google

    There are a lot of articles claiming to tell you how to get to number one in Google.   Being at the top of Google can bring you many riches and rewards. Because of the rewards of being number one on Google, every one wants a short cut, and there are hundreds of SEO firms out their that […]

  • How to get on top of the SERPs

    I saw this filmed experiment How to get on top of the SERPs at this blog They claim that by creating an article on a blog that regularly publishes articles that Google will index you very quickly. The claim is they got to the top of the search pages at google in just three minutes. I […]

  • How Google Sees Some Flash Websites

    The following illustrates why flash sites are not exactly great when it come to Google & SEO. You can see that this site has only has one page indexed  (to check how many pages are indexed on your domain type into Google), despite many flash pages. You can also see that Google’s bot was […]