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  • Recipe for a Raspberry Pi Kiosk

    Recipe for a Raspberry Pi Kiosk

    I recently set up a Raspberry Pi as Chromium Kiosk so I could display a webpage on a wall mounted TV screen. I have written what I did in an easy to follow recipe format. If you follow configuration steps carefully you should be successful in setting up your Raspberry pi to work as a […]

  • WordPress Plugin install fails with Forbidden, you don’t have permission to wp-admin/update.php on your server

    This issue is fairly common on servers that are running Apache with mod_sec  ( mod security ). Mod security is a complex system that looks at the sort of web traffic ‘bay guys’ use to hack servers and stops them. In this case it is thinking that your actions are suspicious and blocks them.  This […]

  • Google Compute Engine Snapshot automation

    Google Compute Engine comes with an incremental snapshot capability. The product doesn’t have a specific automated method to take snapshots and to tidy them up either, but scripting using the gcloud command line is fairly straight forward, once you understand the power of the command line. I have seen many attempts at automating this using […]

  • Using GIT to deploy scripts to production servers

    This is how I use GIT to deploy script configurations to multiple servers. In this instance I have fail2ban  configuration that I want to be able to deploy to multiple servers easily & quickly I assume you are root – otherwise prefix commands with sudo as appropriate I also assume that you have remote root […]

  • Sailwave and sending files by SCP or SFTP

    Sailwave is a windows based application that manages scoring and results for sail races and series See Sailwave comes with many different ways to ‘publish’ results, including FTP’ing the html results files to a server. Whilst there are many ways to achieve the desired results, the situation arose that my server no longer supported FTP […]

  • no valid signature found: BIND DNS log error CENTOS

    Getting validating @0x7f42bc0b1220: domainame A: no valid signature found: 1 Time(s)  in my bind logs Apparently this is due to a config issue in /etc/named.conf change this line dnssec-validation yes; to auto dnssec-validation auto; and restart source of solution