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  • Backing up to gcloud storage from Linux/Virtualmin

    Using Google Cloud Storage as backup for your linux server is inexpensive if you use the nearline storage option. This is cheaper that Amazon Web Services (at the time of writing) The process I use is as follows. Backup locally Create storage bucket / folders, set lifecycle Script to move backups find way to execute […]

  • Find all the name servers of domain in Virtualmin

    This script should find all the name servers of domains in virtualmin   for dom in $(virtualmin list-domains –with-feature web –name-only); do host -t ns $dom done      

  • Virtualmin command to list domains on a plan

    Virtualmin has a command interface which is useful for data manipulation get help virtualmin help List plans virtualmin list-plans Get a single column list of domains on a plan virtualmin list-domains –plan (plan-id or name) | awk ‘{print $1}’  

  • Setting up Varnish with Virtualmin – Centos in 5 steps

    I have just finished setting up Varnish on my test server that uses Webmin/Virtualmin, with Apache on Centos. It has been a little bit of a voyage of discovery but I think I have cracked it. Much of what I have here is based on many other blogs and forums. In essence once you know […]