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  • Auto adding rel nofollow to WordPress posts

    From an SEO perspective, there are multiple reasons that you want to use rel=nofollow on your links. rel=nofollow basically tells Google not to pass ‘link juice’ to the target of the link. Originally, you would want to do that to stop passing on your link juice, when you would want to keep it for your […]

  • Setting up Varnish with Virtualmin – Centos in 5 steps

    I have just finished setting up Varnish on my test server that uses Webmin/Virtualmin, with Apache on Centos. It has been a little bit of a voyage of discovery but I think I have cracked it. Much of what I have here is based on many other blogs and forums. In essence once you know […]

  • Adding Breadcrumbs to WordPress

    I came across a very useful bit of code for adding breadcrumbs to WordPress without a plugin at http://dimox.net/wordpress-breadcrumbs-without-a-plugin/ There was a small bug in the code where is search returnd anything but a standard post (e.g. a page or custom post type) the search breadcrumb didn’t work.  The code below is the modification to correct […]