How to make a website

In this post I try to cover how to make a website. Creating a website can be daunting for a new user or a start-up businesses that has no experience and no idea where to get a website.

First you need to understand what a website is see here.

If you want to create a website then there are several approaches. this first thing is a start-up business should ask, what do they want their business to gain from a website.

If you create own website there  is quite a bit to learn.

So  you want to know how to create a website, there are many choices but basically you can either use a site builder, or a template based system or write html, either with html tools or directly.

Many people want to create website free of any charges. But businesses should consider the cost of their own time in learning how to create website.

So create a website for free actually cost you time and opportunity.

The first step to  if you want create a free website is to select the free website tools and hosting you will need.

Then create website.  Check out the BBC page on this.

Of course you may want to know the cost of creating a website, either your own time or if you have to pay someone.

So then you get some one to create my website and see how it goes.

If you do it yourself, you need to know the basics of creating a website from scratch, and the minimum you need is somewhere to host your website (you can host it on your own server, but most people pay for hosting), the next thing you need is at a minimum is an html file, often index.html which forms the starting point of your website.

So if you are creating a website for free, you need tools, to do so, for free too.

Often creating website is a steep lerning curve, but once you have learned, you look back and think it wasnt that hard after all.

Every one asks  if they can create free website, of course they can, if they don’t count their time, but any business does need to count the cost of their own time, so for a business nothing is free.

If you are a patent you may want create a website for kids, in this case pay special attention to the way kids think.

And obvioulsy if you are creating for kids you may want to create a website free.

However creating a business website is something where ‘free’ shouldn’t come into it. There is always the lost time and opportunity whilst you are building. So unless you are a start-up with spare time on your hand, pay some one to set up your site. Choose carefully though, make sure you know what you want the website to achieve.

Businesses creating websites professionally vary from one-man bands, students earning beer money, offshore low cost ‘factories’  to cutting edge design agencies.

You may feel that you need a book ‘creating a website for dummies’ fair enough, but a search on google you should find all the help you need (but not really here as this is just words)

Moving on, create your own website  is good as a learning task, but not such a good idea if you are a busy business.

But if you insist that you must create your website yourself, that is your choice.

There are many tool that allow you to create ur own website.

These tools that create websites vary from simple to very complex, be-careful taht you don’t pick one that is too complex, especially as it may not be a transferable skill. Better off to learn html.

Creating a free website using tools is good, but you also need free hosting, but many free hosts are no very good from performance or reliability.

Creating a new website may be necessary if you have an old website that looks dated and is not well ranked in Google or not converting sales well.

I would suggest you choose carefully when you creat a website. There are plenty of tools to create website online so you can creat your own website, as creating your own website can give you sense of achievement too.

If you really want to create website for free, then google it as creating own website can be easy or as hard as you make it. Many people create free websites, then regret that free create website effort to create a website.

How to create own website

1. research tools

2. learn toold

3. find hosting

4. practice

So then you can create a website online, as many want to know how to creat a website, but it is simple how create a website. You need to take a plunge and start practicing creat website for you to be able to create a new website or a free create a website. there are books on how to create free website, but you might be better off at looking at youtube videos.

Videos about creating a website free are many place. As it is popular to create new website or free website create amd people need to know how to create websites. Website create is demanded by many.

Businesses website creating activities include requirements, design, build and testing.

Creating website free of charge is just folly unless you are doing it as a hobby or to learn.

Many people are asking  how they can be creating website wordpress based. Many host give one click install for wordpress. So creating ur own website in wordpress ins’t hard. Many people go down the wordpress route creating a own website and then create a own website to result in own website create.

WordPress can also help you make website free. Making a free website in wordpress is possible as there are thousands of free wordpress templates.

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