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  • Linking WooCommerce to a Spreadsheet using Google Sheets and the REST API

    IMPORTANT NOTE As of 22 Oct 2019 – this script seems to be in an infinite loop – so use this as a coding concept ONLY. I will debug it in due course, and update – BUT if you spot the issue first please do leave me a comment below with your solution. Following on […]

  • Recipe for a Raspberry Pi Kiosk

    Recipe for a Raspberry Pi Kiosk

    I recently set up a Raspberry Pi as Chromium Kiosk so I could display a webpage on a wall mounted TV screen. I have written what I did in an easy to follow recipe format. If you follow configuration steps carefully you should be successful in setting up your Raspberry pi to work as a […]

  • 14 places to get Free Stock Images for Websites

    Sourcing images for websites is a tricky and time consuming businesses. The worse thing you can do is go to Google, find and image you like and download it and upload it to your website.  It is not rare that the copyright owner will find you and request payment for the use you ‘stole’ from […]

  • Conditionally remove header widget from Genesis

    Genesis comes with a header widget area built in. Occasionally you may want to remove this for specific pages. The following code snippet in functions.php will do the trick add_action( ‘genesis_meta’, ‘my_remove_hr’); function my_remove_hr() { if ( is_page( ‘privacy-cookies’ ) ) { unregister_sidebar( ‘header-right’ ); } } The if statement will need to be adjusted […]

  • Allow html in user description

    The WordPress user bio only allows a very restricted set html. Occasionally, it is desirable to be able to format the WordPress user bio with additional html.  Out of the box that is not possible. However to allow additional html in the WordPress user bio, like I have with some <p> and <br> to break […]

  • RightMove BLM file import to WordPress

    Rightmove BLM file converter Plugin is now available to download We are pleased to say, that the plugin is now available to purchase. It is listed at I do hope you will find this very useful. Go to plugin page   Plugin for  Right Move BLM file imports to WordPress Right Move is a property […]