Android email client eats bandwidth.

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Originally I had some issues with the Android email client supplied on my LG phone running Android 4.1.2 so I installed the mail client K-9 (see Google Play )  which was very good.

However, recently I decided to switch back to the Android email client, for reasons that are a bit difficult to explain.

All was well, or so it seemed. I rarely am out of Wireless range so don’t use much data.  However last week I had to go away for a few days.  After a day, I was shocked to  get a message that my monthly allowance of 500MB had been used up.  As I couldn’t be without email I purchased a top up of 500MB.

The next day I was totally shocked to get a text warning me that I had used up 90% of my increased allowance.  I needed to investigate, so looking at the data used I could see that over 80MB had been eaten by the mail client.

At that stage, rather than buy yet another half a gig, I re-installed K-9 email client.from here .   And guess what, over the next 3 days I used less than 50MB.

Maybe there was some setting that was wrong on the Android email client that I should have changed, I don’t know, but for now I’m firmly leaving K9 in place.

If you have had similar experiences, or know how to stop email clients eating bandwidth, why not leave a comment.






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