WordPress forms package to Capsule CRM

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Capsule CRM is a great cloud based CRM, and I have developed in the past custom integrations, e.g. between Gravity Forms & Capsule. So when a new lead comes in it is lodged directly into Capsule CRM via the provide API calls.

The problem is not exactly simple as various checks need to be made, as well as cleaning up the XML for the various calls.

Originally I worked out a scheme using Zapier, but it really was a bit hacky and also unreliable (and charges by transaction) so a coded interface to this CRM seems appropriate.

If there is the demand for a commercial (i.e paid for) plugin, e.g. Gravity forms to Capsule CRM, or Contact Form 7 to Capsule CRM, then that is something that I would consider developing and releasing.

So if you are interested in this, please provide me some basic information using the form below and I’ll see where it goes.

Maybe Capsule CRM isn’t what you use, maybe you have a different CRM like Zoho or Salesforce but still need a plugin. Let me know using the form anyway.

Look forward to hearing from you.







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