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This is the first post of mine relating to Google Apps for Works, or as it used to be called Google Apps for Business.

One of the primary reasons a business moves to Google Apps is for email, well at least this is a very common reason.  Google Apps actually provides so much more than email, you can find out more about that here ->

The subject of this post is moving email to Google Apps and I am writing a few notes, based on my experience of doing many moves.

I’ll assume that you have already set up you Google Apps for Works account, if not do it here , it is free to set up and free for 30 days so no reason not to.

When you set up a new account, it will guide you through the verification of your domain and setting up of mail exchange (MX) records, depending on your technical skills this may be easy or a challenge. Google try and make it easy as a step by step process, and there is help at the end of a phone, however if you prefer you can get a company like  do it it for you, you may find they even have offers that make it a cheaper and better way too.

Once you are set up correctly, and added the users you need, any new emails will flow through to your new Google Apps Gmail accounts.

Job done! – Well not quite, as if you are like most people you probably have a history of old emails that you want transferred across.

Again Google try to make this easy, inside your Google Apps admin panel is a migration icon. The migraGoogle Apps email Migration Tooltion tool helps you easily import your data and has options for Email, Contacts & Calendar.


Depending on where your Email is kept, you will have to provide the correct access. In most cases this is the IMAP server, user name and password for your old Email.Google Apps Migration Options

Once successfully connected, you have an option to provide a from date, which by default is 6 months. Be careful, you probably have a lot more older emails, so check (all folders and users you are planning to migrate!) before continuing. I like to select custom a migration date.

Select custom migration date

The next step is to SELECT USERS, where you select the Google Apps users that you want to receive the emails ( I assume you have set one up prior to this stage, but if you haven’t you can open a new tab – keeping the existing one open and create a Google Apps user ).

You can select one, or several users. You will be asked for their individual server username and password (you may have provided this earlier).

Select Email User

Once you have input the credentials you can click the run arrow (start migration for selected users).

Run Email MigrationAnd that is about it, you will get a progress indicator and a request to refresh the browser for status updates.

The migration service isn’t fast, so don’t spend too much time looking at the screen.

If you want to find out more about Google Apps for Works visit

If you want a hand setting up your Google Apps for Works or to find out what discounts are currently available, contact


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