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  • Hugo: I’m receiving the message “We were unable to load Disqus.”

    When building a Hugo site you may well get  the message “I’m receiving the message “We were unable to load Disqus.” ” It took me a while to trouble shoot on mine. Basically Hugo them developers have a habit of setting the baseurl in the config.toml as “/” Your site will seem to work – […]

  • 5 minute guide to setup process monitoring with MONIT on Linux

    If you are running a VPS, for a production server, it is very useful to have a process that monitors, and restarts if failed, and notifies you of key processes, like apache, mysql, postfix & ssh. Monit is a free open source tool that does the job. Took me a little while to get my […]

  • Why businesses should use a Google Apps consultant?

    Google Apps consultants help businesses do what they need to do –  that is focus on their businesses but still get the IT solutions they need. As a consultant brings expertise that isn’t available in-house either because of skill or resource constraints. Google Apps is a set of tools that totally replaces the Microsoft Office […]

  • Moving email to Google Apps

    This is the first post of mine relating to Google Apps for Works, or as it used to be called Google Apps for Business. One of the primary reasons a business moves to Google Apps is for email, well at least this is a very common reason.  Google Apps actually provides so much more than […]