Why businesses should use a Google Apps consultant?

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Google Apps consultants help businesses do what they need to do –  that is focus on their businesses but still get the IT solutions they need. As a consultant brings expertise that isn’t available in-house either because of skill or resource constraints.

Google Apps is a set of tools that totally replaces the Microsoft Office Suite and it’s all cloud based. Coupled with Gmail for business this gives a business the opportunity to have great collaborative tools without extreme expense, in fact a very modest pay as you go monthly fee based on number of users.

A Google Apps consultant is someone that is experienced in implementing Google Apps into businesses. It is not just the technical work of setting up Google Apps, actually the technical work is fairly straightforward, what’s slightly more complicated is the change management, bringing in a new set of tools into your business, if you have more than a couple of employees, can be quite tricky.

A Google Apps consultant is experienced in change management and the issues that arise from a new set of tools, this experience also can include coaching and training or more sophisticated techniques such as creating champions within your business.
Once you engage a Google Apps consultant they will be able to set out a whole migration plan for you and set out the success factors and measures for your implementation.

Using a Google Apps consultant makes for better approach to change of business solutions because if you try and do it all yourself you’ll be learning the first time and you’ll be making the mistakes that a consultant has seen 100 times before, knows the pitfalls and is able to avoid, so using a Google Apps consultant is something that all businesses that are planning to migrate to Google apps should consider seriously.

Benefits of using a Google Apps consultant – summary

  1. implementation of your change is less risky as Google apps consultant understands, maps out, and manages the risks of changes
  2. more cost-effective by focusing your resources on your business you’re not distracting yourself or staff and by using specialist skills
  3. the Google Apps Consultant will know how to best align your business processes to the tools, this is something that can take you a while to discover on your own
  4. the Google Apps consultant will will have knowledge of complementary tools and be able to advise you the best fit of tools within your environment beyond the Google Apps solutions.
  5. the Google Apps consultant most likely is from a Google Apps partner, and a partner will be able to provide you enhanced long-term support and assistance such as provision of backup solutions.

Just as a reminder of what Google apps for work actually gives you: Google apps for work covers a range of business tools the one that is most well known is Gmail for work, this is a first-class email tool and can eliminate the need for any in house servers such as exchange servers. The next most important part of the Google Apps suite is what is collectively known as Drive. Google Drive provides a cloud storage solution but coupled with the cloud storage solution comes a set of office automation tools, such as Docs ( which is a word processor ), Sheets ( which is a spreadsheet ) Slides ( which is for presentations) and many more tools.

For more details about what’s included in Google apps you can visit this page https://goo.gl/McyvgA



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