DezRez XML import into WordPress

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I am about to embark on some custom work on a DezRez XML import into WordPress, and want to gauge if there is any interest in this as a plugin, please use the comments to express issues and thoughts.

My plan is, rather like my Rightmove XML converter, is to let WP All Import ( Pro) do the heavy lifting, as there is no point in reinventing that wheel.

You may well ask, as the DezRez API is already in XML format, why not just read the XML in to WP All Import?

The main consideration here is performance and bandwidth, DezRez uses an API call for images, which in turn seems to download all images when All Import is run just for the sake of it.

By creating a pre-processor that examines last updated dates it is possible to write a more efficient process – and by coupling with WP Cron eliminate the need for complex set ups.

At this stage it is just an idea, so I’ll ask again please use the comments to express issues and thoughts, and lets see if this has any legs.








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