Category: Linux

  • Virtualmin command to list domains on a plan

    Virtualmin has a command interface which is useful for data manipulation get help virtualmin help List plans virtualmin list-plans Get a single column list of domains on a plan virtualmin list-domains –plan (plan-id or name) | awk ‘{print $1}’  

  • Repairing MYSQL database after a crash

    With linux, its a good idea to monitor your disc space carefully as if you run out of space you can create all sorts of problem.  Elsewhere I will post a disc space usage script that you might find useful. So you had a crash due to lack of space it is highly likely that […]

  • Setting up Varnish with Virtualmin – Centos in 5 steps

    I have just finished setting up Varnish on my test server that uses Webmin/Virtualmin, with Apache on Centos. It has been a little bit of a voyage of discovery but I think I have cracked it. Much of what I have here is based on many other blogs and forums. In essence once you know […]

  • How to remove an ip from fail2ban

    If fail2ban locks out an IP address that you want to re enable First find out what fail2ban jail the ip is in by using the command [code]iptables -L[/code] and [code]iptables -D fail2ban-JAILNAME -s -j DROP[/code] Where JAILNAME is something like SSH and the IP address is

  • To set a background job from the terminal in Linux

    If you run a command from the shell terminal, and you realise that it is going to run a while, you can put it into the background first ctrl-z which suspends it, then bg which starts it running in background, then disown -h which detaches the job from your session, this is important as if you exit […]

  • Securing Centos server

    A few useful resources relating to securing Centos find tools and installing isn’t always simple 1. log watch monitors logs and can send e-mails of what has been going on here is a useful resource of how to 2. chkrootkit  check stuff too