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  • How to authenticate WordPress Rest API from Google Sheets / Scripts

    This is the third tutorial in my series relating to integrating Google Sheets  and WordPress using the REST API. The first post covered reading basic post information into a spreadsheet.  The second post was about getting meta data from the REST API, which can be a little tricky. This one  covers authentication. Basically as an […]

  • Getting post meta via WordPress REST API

    This the second post post in my series about getting and updating WordPress data via a spreadsheet.  The first post focused on the basics of Google Apps Scripting and the API call to the WP REST API – if you haven’t seen it you can read it here. This post is about meta data. In […]

  • Linking WordPress to a Spreadsheet using WP REST API and Google Sheets scripts

    This post shows you how you can link a Google Spreadsheet to a WordPress website to extract data. I will write some further posts covering authentication and updating too. However a little warning, this is a programming task and a basic understanding of javascript is really required to follow what is going on. WordPress is […]

  • Recipe for a Raspberry Pi Kiosk

    I recently set up a Raspberry Pi as Chromium Kiosk so I could display a webpage on a wall mounted TV screen. I have written what I did in an easy to follow recipe format. If you follow configuration steps carefully you should be successful in setting up your Raspberry pi to work as a […]

  • Submit A Post via Front End using Gravity Forms

    The following is a Gravity Form Form, that allows you to submit a post via the front end. It can submit as ‘draft’, ‘pending review’ or even ‘published’. Feel free to try it, and if you include a valid WordPress tip or other news I may even publish it.  

  • jQuery to remove a link and just replace it with anchor text

    Occasionally a WordPress plugin is not templated, so difficult to customise the output, so in these circumstances one solution is to use jQuery to modify the output. Now this is not pure and a bit hacky, as ideally you would change the code that is producing the output.  However the situation is just sometimes that isn’t […]